“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.” – Roy T. Bennet


Gymnastics is one of the most painful, most grueling sports there is. Not only is it hard, but it is also very painful. I write from personal experience, I know the mark it can leave on your body. After suffering from several back discomforts, a few sprained fingers, weak joints and a thick neck, I promptly quit the exercising of blisters, and moved on to greater, more important practices.

Gymnastics is also wonderful, in a way. When you work hard at it, you may receive several fruitful rewards. One, which I misplaced shortly after the ending of my infatuation with the sport, is the six-pack. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not meaning any sort of food or drink, but I am simply speaking of the beautiful six packs of muscle that one will discover on their stomach after many hours and days of workout. It usually means the absence of excess fats.

It is also a quite healthy sport, once you look past the stunted growth and multiple shin splints. Also, one must never mind the inhaling of chalk and dust during the practicing of the uneven bars in order to see straight to the healthiness of it all. And the practical uses! Why, if one were considering the occupation of a burglar or secret agent, they would find themselves hired! Gymnastics specializes in teaching quickness and agility, perfect for dodging hidden alarms and bullets.

As I believe I stated before, gymnastics is a wonderful sport, filled with danger and excitement, good for the energetic child. If you are wishing for a way to, let’s see, how to put this. . . get rid of your child, then now would be a fine time to buy a leotard and a pair of good, sturdy grips, and give them the adventure of a lifetime! Of course, several fees apply, but in the strive for physical education, one must overlook those minor speed bumps. (Please note, though, that due to lack of good hand-eye coordination, not many gymnasts make it to the Olympics. Also note, that due to the reason that this is because of no fault of my own, you can’t sue me.)

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