“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.” – Roy T. Bennet

The Rope

The air gets clearer near the end

I feel the weight of an ageless hand

I look down and you’re barely there

But from where you are it would hurt to land

Were you to fall

We’ve never fought like this before

I feel we’ve no love anymore

I look down and see you slipping

And I’m afraid I wouldn’t care

Were you to fall


I need to know

Would you let go

At the top of the mountain

When I’m out of sight

Would you have the strength

To hold my rope

When I’m only halfway

When I’ve lost all will to fight

I need to know

Would you let go


I’ve something pulling at my heart

I feel the guilt of violent thoughts

I’m scared to look what have I done

But there you are still hanging on

Why won’t you fall

The sun is setting on our fantasies

Are we meant to part as enemies

My arms are shaking my tears like ice

Consider my desires as casualties

Were you to fall


I need to know

Would you let go

At the top of the mountain

When I’m out of sight

Would you have the strength

To hold my rope

When I’m only halfway

When I’ve lost all will to fight

I need to know

Would you let go


You look above like you know what I’m thinking

I see your eyes and the fear inside them

I know not what drove me to this

I am so sickened by me

Answer me before I do it

It makes no difference to me


I just need to know

Would you let go

At the top of the mountain

When I’m out of sight

Would you have the strength

To hold my rope

When I’m only halfway

When I’ve lost all will to fight

I need to know

Would you let go


I need to know

Would you let go?



© 2011 singinthebreeze.wordpress.com


Comments on: "The Rope" (29)

  1. I do hope not…but I know we ask questions that we’re afraid to know the answers to…our minds tell us one thing and our hearts the other… no wonder we get confused..
    A very ‘seeking’ poem…Liked it very much.. xPenx

  2. This is wonderful prose…you know who holds the rope? You are held up, more than you realize.

    Maybe you will be able to share with my students after I receive my credentials and begin teaching. They will be English classes of course. Praying for you, my dear, always…Love

  3. wow!! i feel every word. only if we had the answers. love this!

  4. moving words. keep wondering and good luck…

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    Keep Writing, Happy 2011!

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  5. Wow, you REALLY need to know!
    I want to know too!

    Lovely writing.

  6. your words paint magical images here.
    keep it up.

  7. Oh my.. I think if its love, the feeling would be such that one would hold on to the rope, even if one was just halfway.. very nice poem..

    My Poet’s Rally – Myriad Is My Mind

  8. WOW!!! HEARTWRENCHING! Nicely done, thank you 🙂

  9. I could feel the turmoil and pain in this piece. I hope you get/got the answer to the question that you were looking for…although I also get the idea that you may have “let go” a long time ago…

  10. Wow is this really good, I love how you repeated one particular stanza over and over again… really effective!

  11. Bonita Jewel said:

    True love never lets go, through ups and downs and the many questions that it brings. It only deepens, grows, accepts, and even changes…but it lasts forever.

  12. Sad and powerful! The repetitive ideas/question lends a dramatic fear to the poem’s atmosphere!

  13. Beautiful poem..well written 🙂
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  14. I do believe you’ve asked the questions we are almost always afraid to ask ourselves and other. Well done. Fine poem for Rally. Thank you!

  15. This is really nice — it’s something that needs to be read several times to get the full picture. I’ll do that now. 😉

  16. I need to know..a very good poem…
    keep writing..

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  18. Wow, great work here! I can feel the tugging at my strings as I think of being in this position. You did some fantastic weaving, thanks for sharing and stopping by to comment on my offering as well!

  19. I love how at the beginning of the poem it was about you, how you were ready to let him fall..then it became about him, how you are wondering if he will let you fall???? Like it is ok if you allow him to fall but it is not ok the other way around…i loved it and its so true in its nature…

  20. Well done.


  21. […] Hera: https://singinthebreeze.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/the-rope/ […]

  22. Scent of my heart said:

    I certainly hope NOT. We all need to know we have someone to not let go off us, no matter what! Heartfelt poetry! Thanks!

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  24. Powerful emotional piece its such a difficult thing deciding whether to end a relationship, its exhausting and so emotionally depleting and the resentment you really captured all that

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