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Beans & Rice

When someone asks you what your favorite food is, you’re not going to reply with, “Rice and beans.” No. Because rice and beans aren’t exactly an all-time favorite. Rice by itself is, of course. Not only is it cheap, but even I (considering how picky I can be) find a steaming bowl of white rice delicious. It’s when you add the beans into the mix that things get yucky. Even the colors seem yucky, brown and white, all mushy and sticky, gooping off your spoon or fork or hand (or whatever you eat with), some of it dropping and hitting you right in the shirt. Let’s face it, beans and rice are just plain nasty.

You may be wondering why I even began writing about beans and rice in the first place. Well, if you remember where I recently moved to, and think about the country’s staples, you may realize why I’m in a beans and rice state of mind. After having beans and rice for lunch and dinner, I’m feeling rather starched, and rather brown and white and mushy and sticky and goopy. Yeah, but not full, ‘cuz I contracted a case of the “in and out,” which is simply another way to say (diarrhea! which doesn’t look all that different from the picture below).


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