“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.” – Roy T. Bennet

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Because the birth of Jesus was not

A quiet thing, but rather




To be fully man means to come into the world as men do.


He wasn’t clean and bright and shiny but instead wet and misshapen and hungry.

The world was foreign and terrifying to him; his mother was only just beginning to understand the implications of his birth.

The manger was not fresh straw and clean blanket.

The manger was dirt and animal saliva and cold.

To the relief of the mother, everything went as it should (or so we think).

And when she held him in that first moment

All she could think of

Was how grateful she was for that ordeal to be over

And how beautiful her son was.



One of the most satisfying things in life

Is when you take an empty sheet of paper

And fill it with all the imaginations in the air

And the imaginations in your fingers

And keep adding onto every little corner

A memory or a design, or even a wish

And place hidden messages and stories in that picture

And step back and marvel in your masterpiece

In the swirls and the colors and creatures

And when you bring in a friend to show it off

When you hold it high above your head and say

“Look, look! This is what I have been doing all day.”



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This morning, as I was playing around with the settings on my blog, I accidentally deleted my background  photo, and the header. So….I decided that instead of putting the same pictures back on, something new was needed. And I changed them, quite drastically, actually (that end part rhymed).  I rather enjoy the new look, don’t you?

This post is for those that never really glance at their surroundings, and most likely would never have noticed a change, had I not said anything. I just felt that even the less fortunate should be able to acknowledge some good Googled artwork when they see (or don’t see) it.


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