“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.” – Roy T. Bennet

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A Pen

A plastic stick

Or else a metal line

A wet substance

Or else a trail of design

The liquid color

Pouring out of object keen

Drawing the picture

Of hill so vainly green

When done

Piece of paper palmed

Happily used

The cap securely donned



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My Dream

There was a flood. Or rather; we all woke up to find the city under fifty feet of water. It was crazy. You could see people panicking on top of buildings and floating on top of boards and stuff like that. My family and I headed toward the nearest hotel, carrying all our belongings.
Then somehow I ended up a battleship. Generals and colonels and whatever their ranks are were yelling out orders and someone gave me a pair of emerald-green contact lenses. I thought, cool, thanks, what do I do with ’em? Well, obviously, contact lenses go in your eyes, and so that’s where I put them.
Apparently, I’d been chosen to head a secret mission team. At least, that’s what they called it. We were really supposed to dive under the water and kill the giant squids that were attacking the frightened city. The squids were scared of green eyes, you see.
So I swam around under the boat looking for squids, and I met a dolphin/squid/creature that I became friends with. I forgot her name. We ditched the whole “kill the squids” thing because they were her cousins, and plus, I had no idea what I was doing.
Then suddenly, I was transported to a huge mud pile, and on top of the pile stood a house. The house belonged to some friends I like to call: the Smiths. I was all, hey, whaddup? How ya doin’? Mind you, I still had bright green eyes, and I practically scared them outta their wits.
I walked inside and right away noticed Josh Smith, a kid my age, lying on the couch with a dark purple cast on his arm. The cast was all scaly, like a snake-skin, but that’s beside the point. The point is, Josh was supposed to have a cast on his leg. The doctors messed up and gave him a cast that started at the tips of his fingers and ended up somewhere ’round his armpit. Weird, I know.
Then Timothy Smith, or Timmy, as we so fondly call him, wanted me to follow him somewhere, and so I did. I followed him through this freakishly small tunnel that moved and looked like it was made out of something you’d find in your stomach, and ended up in some crazy lady’s hangout, where she told us scary and “true” stories. The thing was, all of this was in his maze-like attic.
Then I went downstairs (through the tunnel, of course), and ate dinner, and everyone was starin’ at my eyes, and at Josh’s cast, and at Timmy’s beard…don’t ask. I finished my turkey and mashed potatoes under the table, thank you very much. And of course, my dolphin slash squid slash creature friend whose name I can’t remember came back, and we had this family reunion, and it was all good. For a while.
The floodwaters rose and started to collapse the Smith’s house, and everyone started screaming all at the same time. The general, suddenly standing there, said the squids were causing the water to rise and I REALLY needed to get into action here. Soon nothing was left of the house and we were standing on an even bigger mud pile. A humongous metal fence popped up in front of us, or me, since they disappeared. My animal friend told me to wait there and she dove through the mud and went into the water below.
So I waited…and waited…and enjoyed the scenery…and waited. And then dove in after her when I saw bubbles rising. Down there I found all the squids surrounding me. Man, I was scared. Their tentacles were all touching my face and wrapping around my arms. I wanted to scream, but that’s really hard to do underwater. No one would’ve heard me anyway. Then I sneezed.
And kept on sneezing until they gave me a soggy tissue. The water was breathable! I was ecstatic (whatever that means). I swam around and around and had forgotten all about the general’s orders, when a hand grabbed me from above and dragged me out onto the mud again. It was the general, and his face was RED. My punishment, for not followin’ orders, was that I had to paint that huge metal fence. A metal color.
I was done in no time, thinking to myself that the army didn’t know a thing about punishment. Thankfully. And the metal paint made the metal fence super easy to break, and the squids went away. My creature friend died of heartbreak, though. And the flood was no longer.
And I like my green eyes.



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