“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.” – Roy T. Bennet

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Because the birth of Jesus was not

A quiet thing, but rather




To be fully man means to come into the world as men do.


He wasn’t clean and bright and shiny but instead wet and misshapen and hungry.

The world was foreign and terrifying to him; his mother was only just beginning to understand the implications of his birth.

The manger was not fresh straw and clean blanket.

The manger was dirt and animal saliva and cold.

To the relief of the mother, everything went as it should (or so we think).

And when she held him in that first moment

All she could think of

Was how grateful she was for that ordeal to be over

And how beautiful her son was.



the world was spinning around and around and around and when it stopped everyone was flung up and out into space all whirling confused and disoriented and dizzy from spinning too much and so fast and no one could go back because out there gravity wasn’t existing like on earth and they were too far away anyway and soon everyone was really tired and hungry but they couldn’t sleep because they kept getting flipped upside down and they just weren’t used to it and they couldn’t eat since the world forgot to fling the food out with the rest of everything and so pretty soon they all just gave up and died and their dead bodies were floating around in every direction and it turns out one of the little angels had a momentary lapse of reason and was up there playing marbles with the planets



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From A Cutter’s View (not my own)

i feel sick from the pain that i’m feeling

i wanna scream, but why? it won’t heal me

and when i dream, i am stuck, i can’t flee me

and when i wake i lose sight of reality

i am dangerous with sharp things, i hurt me

i have scars from the knives that have cut me

tried to cut out my heart i am dying

oh, how i wish all these marks were just skin deep

is there a way, somehow, i’ll survive this?

a cure, maybe, a remedy for this?

nobody cared but now maybe you do

after seeing the blood that i showed you

so i ask, will you carry my story

lose the mask of courage and glory

just to say that they aren’t alone and

there’s no relief there is only an end and

there aren’t many tears for the suicidal



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If all our dreams came true

What would be the point of dreaming?

And if all our lives were forever

What would be the point of living?

To be stuck in the center of it all

What is the point of it all

If all is just the same old thing again?

So take this time to realize

Some dreams were meant to be forgotten

And some lives were meant to be sacrificed.


Give everything up that contains you

Give it all up you’ve more than enough

Take nothing from no one and something from no one

Till no one has nothing and nobody loses

And you have won and so have I

Since you began to follow my instructions

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