“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.” – Roy T. Bennet

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Forgotten places I went through

Every end starts something new

Where I am is lost on you

Maybe letters don’t go this far

With the voices in my head

Saying get up when you’re rested

But if I sleep I’d miss the best parts

And you’d miss my face if you were searching

In the shadows I fall too

Nothing left but claims of truth

Withered hands holding steady

On the rails of happy stories

I admit I can’t look away

Mesmerized by wheels of the ancient

In the shadows I fall too

Nothing left but claims of truth

Charm deceits and beauty’s fleet and

I’m wide awake most every night

In the shadows hide the whispers

All about you, not about me

In the shadows I fall  too

Nothing left but claims of truth


Dreams – A Poem

There was a time when all I heard

Were my own thoughts and

I’d spin around without a clue

Of where I’d go

Even the streets with all the lights

They never blinded

I was lost inside my soul

And so it came

The age of fear and many problems

I never thought I’d be in need of hope

But now I stand a little shocked

At my surroundings

The differences of my abode

I  wander the towns in search of what

My heart’s desiring

Whatever need that strives to waken my demise

I said sorry to the dreamer and magician

That carries far the weightless lies

Many memories, pens, pencils on a paper

All that sighed and left from me

To become  known

Because what is life when everyone is sleeping?

On this I ponder

Walking home


He told his story like it was brand new

For the hungry children to listen to

He cleared his throat and he took his time

Because sitting there was all they could do

They left behind all their pains and worries

And imagined life as it was meant to be

As they whistled softly to the minstrel’s music

They thought of places that they couldn’t see

While the world grew colder than ever

You could see it in their eyes that they didn’t feel a thing

And the man was sad when it was over

So he sang another song and left them to their dreams

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