“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.” – Roy T. Bennet

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First Impression

I have always been curious as to how people view me, especially upon first impression. Depending on what sort of social situation I am in, I will put out a certain front. If I know most of the group I try to act as I normally am. I will crack jokes, maybe have a few conversations, and then I recluse after I’ve had enough. 

As an introvert, I realize I am most at ease when I am alone. After a while, however, I start to crave human company. I need a conversation, an exchange, something to remind myself that I am not a complete recluse. I sit in coffee shops or browse bookstores for the sake of interaction. I don’t need to have a full-blown conversation, normally. I simply need other humans in my vicinity to acknowledge.

So how do people see me, then? Am I a wallflower? A flash of colour passing by? Am I mysterious or intriguing or do I even stand out in any way? Would I be considered awkward or strange? I can be open and talkative one second and then closed up the next. Does that make me confusing or sullen? Seemingly mature or the exact opposite? Do I look world-weary or naive?

What do people see when they see me?


Just Saying

Warm drinks have a way of opening the mind to profound thoughts. They make you wonder why we want things in the extreme. It’s either hot or cold, never lukewarm. We don’t want the boring or the normal, we want the astounding and the new. Why? Can’t we be satisfied with what we have? When we are handed something, we say thanks, don’t we? Well, if God handed us our life, shouldn’t we be glad we got it, instead of “graciously declining” it or attempting to trade it for what we think would suit us better? The way our lives are is the way God made them, and I think the Creator of everything knew what he was doing. Just saying.

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