“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.” – Roy T. Bennet

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Take Oceans With You

take oceans with you

so you don’t run dry

paper all around you

fold and fly

don’t waste the world

don’t change the sky


brother wake life has begun

and go to sleep with one eye shut

you don’t want to miss a

single thing


take pictures with you

so you don’t lose touch

daydreams are better

but that’s enough

don’t waste the sights

don’t change the lights


brother wake life has begun

don’t you want to see it all?

you’ve never walked upon this earth

you shouldn’t waste a

second more


We caught the rainstorms

We danced in raindrops

We found the rainbow

More colorful that most

Our conversations

Like sand and water

Don’t go but then again

They compliment each other

They compliment each other


The day’s eventful

The night is grateful

The world seems to laugh

But not at us

Life is amazing

Nothing is crazy but

Both of our grins

And honesty



We gave our heart’s up

Then told nobody

We liked the way it was

So secret and secure

You had the treehouse

I had the swingset

Now we are grown and gone

The promise safe with me

The promise safe with me

© 2011 singinthebreeze.wordpress.com


Since the dawn of time, life has been this crazy mix-up. Everyone is walking around with blindfolds on their eyes. Can you picture it? Stumbling and falling over each other, and jumping to try and get through the doorways, hitting their heads and laying in the streets with bruises in their minds. Where exactly is everyone going? Since the dawn of dawn we’ve been trying to figure it all out, but everywhere we looks becomes a dead end. People are crowded on every corner, yelling and adding the chaos of the scrambling. We dodge them, mostly. It’s a very hard thing to do. Thousands go opposite directions, hands out to keep from colliding. Have you ever thought that maybe….maybe they aren’t really going anywhere? They think they have meaning but it is nothing. They have feet that get them places, and help them run away. They always go somewhere. Then they go somewhere else. And somewhere else.

And somewhere else.



I absolutely hate it

When I have nothing left to say

Or when my voice is silenced

In the busyness of day

And when I take my pen up

To force some random thing

It comes out in a sonnet

Of how my world has been

All my thoughts on clouds and lava

And strange reflecting Coca-Cola

How ocean photos turn out funny

And people’s laughs forever change

And I wonder where I am

In relation to the leaders

Of the country I was born to

Of the state from whence I came

Have you garbage in your city?

Have you lights that blow to bits?

I have shirts that bear stains proudly

And bread I eat turns green too fast

Yet life is for much more than comfort

And poems I’ve composed myself

But since no one likes a know-it-all

I’ll let you figure out the rest







Meant To Be

standing with your feet a foot

away from the door

fist held high and poised behind

waiting to touch

but gaining entrance means you have

to tell who you are

but how could you do such a thing

when you don’t know yourself?

and how do you explain away

the blood on your hands?

and the knife you hid inside your coat

you’ve forgotten about?


her fingers intertwined she’s looking

down the road again

she lives to please and satisfy

the world she’s been given

but when alone she fears the dark

and those hiding in it

and kneeling down beside the mess

cries, “Father, forgive me.”

but how could she explain it all away

when she’s been caught red-handed?

and judged by every watching eye

would there be any point in it?


still you need a place to rest

unseen by the masses

one loud knock to break the silence

and enter another

she opens up her home to you

and you hide under the baskets

and one heart tells the other one

“I understand why.”

there’s no need to explain away

the guilt in your being

and the envy of a fuller life

when it was meant to be

© 2011 singinthebreeze.wordpress.com

I Need A Little Help With The Title…But…Anyway…

mirrors you wish you shattered quicker

always come to haunt

eyes that follow change your heartbeat

try to let her go


love began

with a kiss

on the hand

all that’s  been

wasted on the

porcelain doll

you share your world with

there is no denying you find

fault in every step

memories that leave you sighing

try to bring her back


love began

with a kiss

on the hand

all that’s been

wasted on the

porcelain doll

you share your world with

turn to your reflection and break the glass

 that holds you there

step inside there‘s no returning

to your pale friend

just remember

love began

with a kiss

on the hand

all that’s been

wasted on the

porcelain doll

you share your world with

© 2011 singinthebreeze.wordpress.com


He told his story like it was brand new

For the hungry children to listen to

He cleared his throat and he took his time

Because sitting there was all they could do

They left behind all their pains and worries

And imagined life as it was meant to be

As they whistled softly to the minstrel’s music

They thought of places that they couldn’t see

While the world grew colder than ever

You could see it in their eyes that they didn’t feel a thing

And the man was sad when it was over

So he sang another song and left them to their dreams

© 2011 singinthebreeze.wordpress.com

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